Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3 - eight ways to win your heart

Uggh, I hate to admit these types of things, but alright.
  1. Sense of humour is probably most important. I know that everyone says this but seriously I think that all girls love this in a guy. I really am not that funny of a person (most of the things that come out funny are mistakes or just me sounding stupid, I will admit this) but I love it when guys can make me laugh.
  2. You can not be rude! Like if you know me then you just know that I will bite your head off (not really, I will just hate you in an obvious way) if you are being a dick seriously. I just cannot stand it. If you are a genuinely nice person and respectful, you just can't go wrong.
  3. I have always found that I tend to like guys with nice smiles... and guys that use their smiles lol be happy!
  4. Do not lie to me, I will find out and then I will be more hurt than I would have been in the first place.
  5. I don't want to say "understand me" because it is rare that anyone does, I am complicated and confusing but just accept me as me.
  6. PDA and clingy-ness is a no go. I do want to spend time with you but not allllll the time, and PDA is gross. I may sound like a child saying this but seriously it grosses me out to see people shoving their tongues down each others' throats.
  7. Charm is good.
  8. Don't show off and be cocky, it is not attractive. And when you try to show off you usually end up making a fool of yourself :)
P.S. Brains are a good thing too!

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