Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 01 - a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I am on the left, I really don't take pictures very often so this is from a family event that happened a few weekends ago. That is my cousin Madelene beside me <3

Facts about me!
  1. I really love to sleep in... until 1-ish.
  2. University bound as of September 6th.
  3. We don't get to find out our roommates until we are actually moving in and I am super nervous about who I get.
  4. I love my family!
  5. I have a cat named Simba, I love him the most ;) I also have Bullzeye the cat at my dad's house.
  6. Born in Ontario and have never lived outside of the province.
  7. Jersey Shore, no matter how stupid and ridiculous it is, is my weakness.
  8. Number one pet peeve is when people whine and complain but are not willing to do anything to change their circumstances.
  9. I am two years late on getting my G1.
  10. My favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches.
  11. I love and value the days that I don't have to put makeup on, I love summer in other words lol.
  12. My favourite season is fall, weird I know but I love the smell that comes with it.
  13. I can admit that I tend to be really "BLONDE" some/a lot of the time, but at least my friends and family get good laughs about it.
  14. Speaking of friends, I love mine! I tell them ... almost everything, and know that I can trust them with my LIFE!
  15. Way to often do I nearly get hit by cars, I am not exactly careful.
This is Simba, he loves me ;)

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  1. LMAO @ the simba picture. your cat actually somewhat cooperates ahaha. my cat would eat me if I did that to her :(

    btw, you can always trust me with yo secrets mannn. ahah. you know how much I enjoy gossip, but I don't ever tell anyone else the gossip. :P I guess it isnt really gossiping then but whatever.