Friday, August 20, 2010

day 02 - the meaning behind your tumblr name

Well, my Tumblr name is the same as my Blogger name:
But anyways, the reason that I made this my name was because it is true. I am only eighteen and as of September there are going to be a lot of changes happening in my life. I have to move out and live on residence at the university that I am going to, and the experiences that I will be going through are all new to me. Just having to get ready to move out is new, buying what seems to be billions of dollars of new things, and packing up what I need from my room is simply driving me crazy. Don't get me wrong I really am excited to leave and start learning and living on my own, but I keep going through these phases where I think that I just cannot do it alone. I am sure that once I actually get to university I will totally love it, but until then I guess I will just have to worry about everything that could go wrong (but I know it won't, everything WILL work out for the best).
From my room at home, to something like this... is a little intimidating.

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