Thursday, August 26, 2010

day 06 - favorite super hero and why

Alright, about a month ago I totally would have said Spiderman because I truly thought that he was the best. However, one night when I was bored a few weeks ago I decided to have a Spiderman movie marathon. Well, I was certainly disappointed to say the least. I guess I was a lot younger when I last watched these movies because truthfully I thought that they were just awful when I watched them again. Really! Everything is so fake and the effects are just funny, in my opinion at least.

But anyways, back to the actual topic of today. Now that I have come to the realization that the Spiderman movies are CRAP! I must change my mind and say that the best super heroes are "The Fantastic 4". I know that this is more than one but come on, they are a TEAM! Plus the movie is great and I love it! My favorite out of the four members is probably the Human Torch because he can fly... but then again I love Invisible Woman just because I totally wish that I could have her power. I just thought of this but she is totally the best one/ most valuable member because she can protect everyone at the same time with that shield thing. Okay she is simply the best. End of story!


  1. OMG I was OBSESSED with fantastic 4 when the movie came out. I even have the soundtrack!! ahaha. I was kind of in love with the human torch, not cause he can fly, but because of his beautifulness... ahahahahahha.

    PS I love spiderman, but like, the spiderman cartoon, not the toby macguire one. lmao.

  2. what the heck? all my comments keep dissappearing! lol

    anywhooo, I said that I LOOOOVED fantastic 4 when the movie came out, and I even had the soundtrack! lmaoooo

  3. lol lauren, you know the actor from "BOY A"? well he is the NEW spiderman, i am pretty sure anyways!