Saturday, August 28, 2010

day 07 - a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

I seriously have absolutely no idea what to write for this... so instead I am going to simply rant and whine about having to move out in NINE days!!!
As you know if you have been reading this really pointless blog that really I have come to accept that no one ACTUALLY reads, I am moving out and into my UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE on September 6th! So unlike most people who in this situation would probably already be packed and ready to go... I am not. In fact, I have not even started packing. My mom has brought home like a bajillion boxes for me to put all of my stuff in, but I just keep putting it off (it is that annoying habit I talked about a few days ago... PROCRASTINATION!).
I have bought everything though! I think that it is actually impossible for me to have forgot anything. My mom has been so funny, making lists upon lists of things that I would need since like January, and everything on those lists are bought... and sitting in my basement... waiting to be packed. Today I went shopping for some last minute clothes that I needed... well wanted, and I got lots of b-e-a-utiful stuff, including a new purse which I have been wanting forever! I don't know why but I am just really weird like that, I absolutely hate carrying around purses, and I didn't really have one that I loved until today anyways so that didn't really help. I just usually choose to carry my wallet or shove money in my pocket, that is why I usually forget to bring my cell phone places. I know my friends make fun of me for being such a boy like this... but really it is so just... in the way and a hassle to have to carry around a huge bag. But that is the end of that problem since I got a nice new one from h&m today!
Alright, I think that I am done with this blog for tonight... maybe I will actually do the challenge for tomorrow!

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