Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day 04 - a habit that you wish you didn’t have

Okay I know that I have missed like 3 days but being on the internet at my dad's house is a big pain in the butt as it is dial-up and super slow half the time! The bad part to living in the country-ish area :P

Anyways, I will just start here with Day 04 of the 30 Day Challenge!
One habit that I have, and NEED to break, is procrastinating! I know that everyone does this sometimes but I am really bad for it. You have no idea how many nights I have stayed up until 4:00am and sometimes earlier, working on essays that are due the next day. I think that most of my problem is that I can still manage to get good marks on them so I don't feel the pressure to start working on it weeks before. BUT, I know that this will NOT fly in university, so I really do have to buckle down and get to work when I actually say that I am going to!

By the way, I just got my Orientation/ Introduction week schedule for university and FABER DRIVE is doing a concert! I am super excited! One of my friends has Lights preforming at her school, GO UNIVERSITY KIDS!

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